Reynir Hauksson was born on the west coast of Iceland in 1989. A member of a musical family he began playing the piano and the guitar at an early age with his 5 siblings in his childhood home. Reynir would later attend the prestige FÍH Academy of Music where he studied classical and electric guitar. The years in FÍH proved to be very useful as he got an insight into various music styles such as Jazz, Classical music, Latin music, traditional Balkan music and Greek music. He later moved to Norway where he worked as a musician in various projects before moving to Granada, Spain to study Flamenco.

It was the magic in Paco de Lucía’s music that called his attention. The dynamics, the abstract rhythms, the virtuosity as well as the beauty of Flamenco that pulled him over to an exotic world where everything was new and curious. Reynir studied Flamenco guitar with Maestro Alberto Fernández in Granada as well as taking classes with Rubem Dantas and Jerónimo Maya.

In the year 2019 he released his first solo album called El Reino de Granada under the artist name Reynir del Norte. It has 8 original Flamenco compositions by Reynir del Norte and it is the first Flamenco album made by an Icelander.